Best of the Cascades Tasting Tour

Each Cascadia Grains Conference ends with dinner and our Best of the Cascades Tasting Tour, featuring regional craft brews and spirits that use Cascade grains, ingredients and share the values and spirit of the conference. During both the 2013 and 2014 conference, participants loved having this informal networking time and a chance to sample some of the best of Cascadia.

2014 Tasting Tour Participants

Fremont Brewing Company, Seattle, WA: A small, family-owned microbrewery that sources barley from Washington State, hops from a 4th generation hop-growing family in the Yakima Valley and water from the Cedar River Watershed in the Cascade Mountains.
Seattle Distilling Company, Seattle, WA: A true craft distiller, making 100% of our product by hand. From our log cabin to your table, we encourage you to taste your spirit. —Enjoy
Brickyard Brewing, Woodinville, WA: Not Just Another Beer On The Wall
Omission Beer, Portland, OR: It Isn’t What We Took Out It Is What We Left In
Pemberton Distillery, Pemberton, BC: Field-to-Glass Organic Spirits
Fremont Mischief Distillery, Seattle, WA: Let the Mischief Begin!
Westland Distillery, Seattle, WA: Single Malt Whiskey distilled in the Scottish style, matured in the American tradition.
BelleWood Distilling, Lynden, WA: Apples…..And More! Handmade By Passionate Farmers.
DRY Soda, Seattle, WA: SODA That’s Less Sweet. 04 Ingredients. ALL Natural.

Fremont Brewing logo Seattle Distilling Company-logo TT Brickyard Brewing Logo TT Omission-BeerTT Pemberton Distillery TT Fremont Mischief TT Westland Distillery bellewooddistillery TT DRY Soda Logo

Washington Beer Awards

WBA LOOG 6The organizers of the Washington Beer Awards will be available to discuss the tasting and evaluation process for a professional beer or spirit competition. You’ll learn techniques on how to embrace the flavors and aromas from two Master judges.  Learn to deconstruct a beverage’s profile to see how the brewer and distiller carefully integrated their ingredients and processes to create a cohesive (and tasty) product.

OSU Barley Project barley piles malting pic

Interested in participating next year? Get on the short list!

Breweries and distilleries that are interested in reserving a spot in the Best of the Cascades Tasting Tour, please fill out the form below. Space is limited, so please sign up early.

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