Kneading Conference West – A Success!

My colleague Rose and I had the pleasure of attending the Kneading Conference West in Mt. Vernon, WA on Saturday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the passion and enthusiasm was apparent. We dropped in on one of the final panel sessions, which took place on the lawn of the WSU Skagit County Extension campus, adjacent to orchards and demonstration gardens. The session, titled The Farmer, The Miller, and The Baker featured Andrew Corbin an agriculture educator from Washington State University Extension, Cliff Leir, a baker and miller from Victoria BC, and caterer Heidi Tunnel. Each did an excellent job of painting a picture of the role they play in rebuilding a local grain network. The only thing that could have interrupted this lively conversation was the lunch bell (and it did).

We stuck around to do some networking with representatives from our local Western Washington farming, distilling, and economic development sectors. It was great to have the opportunity to chat with such a diverse group of passionate professionals. We can’t wait to continue the exciting conversations this Winter when we welcome folks back for the Cascadia Grains Conference in Tacoma, WA!

Special thanks to WSU Extension faculty, Steve Jones and conference organizer Wendy Hebb for welcoming us to Mt. Vernon. To learn more about the Kneading Conference West, and about the panelists mentioned, please visit


Maggie Anderson, Project Coordinator
WSU Extension

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