2016 Conference

The 2016 gathered together 293 participants from across Cascadia once again to Olympia, WA at the Student Union of the South Puget Sound Community College. Participants heard from 38 speakers over 22 sessions. You can view and print the attached 2016 Agenda and Session Descriptions or read about them below. See below for a full list of 2016 Sessions, speakers and their presentations for more information.

2016 Conference Final Report

2016 Final Agenda


Selecting Varieties: How to Increase Your Yield Without Really Trying
Steve Lyon, Senior Scientific Assistant, Plant Breeding Program, WSU Bread Lab

Accessing Capital for Food, Beverage & Farm Businesses
PANEL: Ricky Adams, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Alex Mandau, Community Sourced Capital, Amy Pearl, Hatch Innovation & Celia Nightingale, Center for Business & Innovation, Thurston EDC

The WSU Bread Lab: Grain Research & Connections
Dr. Stephen Jones, WSU Bread Lab with Colin Curwen-McAdams & Brigid Meints, Research Assistants, WSU Mount Vernon Research Center

Flatcakes: Field to Griddle
Amy Halloran, Author The New Bread Basket

Let’s Talk About Growing Grain
PANEL: Jeff Broadie & Kasey White, Lonesome Whistle Farm, Jim Grieshaber-Otto, Cedar Isle Farm, Keith Kisler, Finnriver Farm & Cidery & Brian Thompson, retired grain farmer/miller

Malting: The Rosetta Stone That Translates Barley Into Beer
Part 1 Malt Tasting Table: Susan Welch, Skagit Valley Malting
Part 2 Panel: Pat Hayes & Scott Fisk, OSU, Seth Klann, Mecca Grade Estate Malt, Wayne Carpenter, Skagit Valley Malting, Tom Hunton, Camas Country Mill, Kraig Knutzen, Knutzen Farms & Matt Lincecum, Fremont Brewing Company

Values Based Businesses In the Grain-Shed
Matt Hofmann, Westland Distillery, Sara Nelson, Fremont Brewing Company, Mariah Ross, Scratch & Peck Feeds, Tissa Stein, Tabor Bread

Fermentation with Whole Grains: Part 1
Brad Holderfield, Tabor Bread

Keen on Quinoa: Producing & Marketing Our Region’s Super Grain
Researcher/Grower panel: Nicole Aluwi, Ian Clark, Julianne Kellogg & Kristofer Ludvigson, WSU
Processing with Don Kuiken & Sergio Núñez de Arco, Andean Naturals

Stamped Into Law: Policies Impacting the Grain-Shed
PANEL: Mike Lufkin & John Taylor, King County Government, Ron Shultz, WA St. Conservation Commission, Jason Parker, WA Distillers Guild, Annie McGrath, WA Brewers Guild, Amy Halloran, Author The New Bread Basket

Organic Grain: A Market of Potential
James Henderson, Hummingbird Wholesale & Nathaniel Lewis, Organic Trade Association

Growing Alternative Grains & Their Rotational Benefits
Jeremy Bunch, Shepherd’s Grain, Micaela Colley, Organic Seed Alliance & James Henderson, Hummingbird Wholesale  

Flavor First: Understanding Product Design and Equipment Selection for Craft Spirits
Matt Hofmann, Westland Distillery & Jason Parker, Copperworks Distilling Company

The New Bread Basket
Amy Halloran, Author, The New Bread Basket with PANEL: Sue Hunton, Camas Country Mill, Annie Moss, Seastar Bakery & Handsome Pizza, Tissa Stein, Tabor Bread

Fermentation with Whole Grains: Part 2
Brad Holderfield, Tabor Bread

Harvest-Home: Heirloom Crops for Health, Heritage, and Occasional Profit
Richard Scheuerman, Palouse Colony Farm & Seattle Pacific University

Shaping the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center
Heidi Behrends Cerniwey & John Doan, City of Tumwater, Noel Rubadue, South Puget Sound Community College

Fixing Broken Dirt: Restoring Agricultural Land Through Soil Biology
Matthew Slaughter, Earthfort, LLC


Growers & Millers

Brewers, Maltsters & Distillers

Support Organizations

Bakers, Feed & Other End-Users

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