Western Washington Variety Trials. See the results of wheat, barley, and triticale variety trials conducted at WSU Mount Vernon between 2010 and 2013.

Western Washington 2013 Small Grains Field Day Handout. See a synopsis of the latest research developments around small grains produced in western Washington and western Oregon, from breeding advancements to agronomy and end-use quality research.

Growing Wheat in Western Washington. By Carol Miles, Stephen S. Jones, Jonathan Roozen, Kevin Murphy, and Xianming Chen. November 2009, Washington State University Extension.

Growing Small Grains in Your Garden. By Bob Van Veldhuizen. February 2010, Alaska Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (AFES) Circular.

Flour Milling in Washington – A Brief History. By Norman Reed. Winter 2008-2009, Columbia Magazine.

Washington State Crop Improvement Association List of Certified Seed (Fall 2012). These are only sources of seed for which certification has been requested. Seed is certified only after it: (1) Has been field inspected and meets field standards, (2) Has been laboratory tested and meets seed standards, and (3) Has been properly labeled. Field inspected only seed, is not certified seed. A few purchasers have been misled into purchasing so-called “Certified Seed” that is not properly labeled for certification nor eligible for certification.

More online resources for small grains.

Revitalizing a Grain Economy in the Cascadia Region

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