At the Cascadia Grains Conference we take extra efforts to support small businesses that are interested in supporting our community both economically through our farmers and in sustainable practices. We have chosen several businesses that are working in our region to develop thoughtful menus using as much local, in season, and organic produce, meats and grains. We hope that you can enjoy not just thoughtful workshops and classes, but also thoughtful meals that are healthy and sustainable. ENJOY!

2018 Food Providers: 



2017 Food Providers: 
Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.14.25 AM




Breakfast bagels by Bagel Brothers, Olympia, WA: Uses flour grown and milled at Shepherd’s Grain. Hains House also provided delicious pastries.

Tastebud Pizza Oven provided fresh boiled and baked bagel sandwiches as well as gorgeous pizza. Their ingredients are served fresh from Portland farmers whenever possible. They regularly appear at the Breadlab’s Grain Gathering. 


2016 Food Providers: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.14.25 AM
Breakfast pastries by Bagel Brothers, Olympia, WA: Uses flour grown and milled at Shepherd’s Grain


ninevaLunch by Nineveh Assyrian, Olympia, WA: Prepared fresh with care. They craft traditional Middle Eastern dishes inspired by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring local grains this year!

EssentialBakingCo_LogoDesserts by Essential Baking Company, Seattle, WA: Regional bakery that strives to use local, organic ingredients while being a dedicated partner in community investment and the environment

Tamale Fusion logoDinner by Tamale Fusion, Olympia, WA: A food truck turned catering service, the company uses blue corn organic masa and organic, sustainably-farmed olive oil from Morocco, and other ingredients purchased as mindfully as possible to create excellent tamales and salads.

We have also made extra efforts for all of our waste to be picked up by a 100% bike powered composting service based in Olympia called OlySunrise Compost Concierge. With the city picking up all of our recycling we hope that our 300-person event can have as little waste as possible.OlySunrise Compost

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Revitalizing a Grain Economy in the Cascadia Region

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